Friday, October 21, 2011

You can learn how to be assertive

Do you want to stop people from "walking over you"?

Are there situations when you don't say what you think?

Would you feel better about yourself if you speak up more?

Did you know that some surveys have shown that up to one in every three people would like to become more assertive in some situations.

If you are looking to learn how to become more assertive, then read on .....

My name is Brian Carroll and I am a qualified psychologist who has been working for more than twenty years in the field of guiding people in their personal and professional development - helping them improve their skills in key capabilities such as assertiveness, leadership, communication, influence and stress management.

What does "being assertive" really mean?
Even though it is a fairly commonly used term, the word can never-the-less mean slightly different things to different people, in the same way that "honour" might have different implications for people. Generally however, to be assertive means to speak up for yourself in a direct and honest manner, expressing your needs, ideas or concerns to others.

Assertiveness is about engaging in open and respectful communication with others, and is usually the basis of any healthy relationship.

Self-esteem and assertiveness are very closely inter-linked. When you feel that you have not been assertive, your self-esteem and self-respect can suffer. One of the strategies for becoming more assertive is to strengthen your self-esteem so that you feel you deserve to have your ideas and concerns listened to by others. By affirming the strengths and abilities you have within yourself, and reminding yourself of some of your achievements, then your self-esteem is nurtured. This in turn will help you feel more confident in asserting yourself

Some people also consider Assertiveness Training

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  1. Great article. People get the impression that being assertive means that you take advantage of people. It is quite the opposite. Speak clearly and be confident without looking down on people. This is the definition of assertiveness.